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This is a documentary site of our past events with a lot of photos. Browsing here probably gives you the best idea of what Chapter 99 is all about. More photos are added over time, so check back frequently.

Aviation Days held at Vero Beach Airport:

Aviation Day 2015
Aviation Day 2013
Aviation Day 2012

Aviation Day 2011

Aviation Day 2010

Aviation Day 2009

Aviation Day 2008
Aviation Day 2007

Aviation Day 2006
Aviation Day 2005

Aviation Day 2004

Chapter 99 and other community events:

Young Eagles Flights

Youth Guidance Visit 2010

Ford Trimotor Visit 2012


Landis Ketner receives EAA Major Achievement Award 2006

Aviation Merit Badge Oct. 2006

Girl Scout Instruction Day 2007

B-17 Visits to Vero Beach Airport:

B-17 Visit 2007
B-17 Visit 2005

B-17 Visit 2003



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