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Experimental Aircraft Association, Indian River Chapter 99, Inc. consists of a bunch of aviation enthusiasts in Vero Beach, Florida. We love to have you with us and gladly share our knowledge, but in this litigious society please understand that you need to do your homework too. Be sure to read the following:

General Disclaimer

All information available at any of our events, through printed materials or our web site is offered as a courtesy of EAA Indian River Chapter 99 Inc., Vero Beach for interested individuals to locate potential contacts which may or may not be able to provide some kind of flight experience. EAA Indian River Chapter 99, Inc. does not screen anybody and does not recommend any individual or organization, nor represent that any individual pilot, flight school, airplane or any organization is qualified, competent, safe or insured. EAA Indian River Chapter 99, Inc. does not provide and does not recommend any kind of flight experience. Any agreement to take flight is solely between the individual taking the flight, including parents or guardian of an individual, and the person, pilot or organization providing the flight.

The Fly Out Idea of The Month

Chapter 99 may publish a �Fly Out Idea� as a courtesy to its members. No research has been done to determine if the airports listed are suitable for any particular airplane performance, nor do we check if the events provide a safe environment for flying into and attending them. Chapter members, guests and pilots are responsible to research and make decisions to attend or not to attend any listed event. Chapter 99 does not screen any pilot and does not recommend any individual, nor represent that any individual pilot or airplane is qualified, competent, safe or insured.

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*** Participate At Your Own Risk! ***

The fun is yours too. Thank you for your understanding.
Experimental Aircraft Association, Indian River Chapter 99, Inc.

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