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Welcome to Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 99 - the home of aviation enthusiasts in Vero Beach, Florida, U.S.A.!

Chapter Happenings as of Dec. 19, 2014


Tue. Jan. 6 at 7:00 PM - Officers Meeting

    All members interested in knowing what´s going on behind the scenes are invited to attend. Get involved! We need fellow members willing to take some responsibility. Currently the position of Secretary and Vice President are open.
    Location: Our meeting room off 2703 Flight Safety Drive (directions)

Tue. Jan. 13, 2015 at 7:00 PM - Members Meeting

    Chapter 99 members meet once a month for a short business meeting which is usually followed by refreshments and an aviation related presentation. At the January meeting, Gerd will be our speaker. Topic:

    The RAM VII Package - Optimization of Turbocharged Aircraft Engines

    Gerd replaced the original 1980 engines of his Cessna 340 with the RAM VII engine improvement package. The changes are small, but effects are huge. All of a sudden the Cessna 340 is what it should be and could have been from the beginning in the seventies. Gerd will present real life data and explain how turbocharged engines can be transformed from marginal to fantastic! As a side effect you will brush up your math skills.
    Mark your calendars and plan to attend!
    Location: Our meeting room off 2703 Flight Safety Drive (directions)

Feb. 27 - March 1, 2015 - B-17 at Vero Beach Airport

    Chapter 99 is proud to announce that we are hosting this B-17 visit to Vero Beach Airport. The Aluminum Overcast is one of the few remaining airworthy B-17s in the world. A flight aboard this aircraft is an unforgettable experience. You can visit the B-17’s various compartments and feel what conditions may have been like during World War II.

    Visit www.B17.org or call 800-359-6217 for more information and to reserve your flight.

Sat. Feb. 28, 2015 - Aviation Day

    For your added enjoyment, we are planning to hold Aviation Day when the B-17 is here. See lots of other planes and interesting aviation exhibits. Helicopter and biplane rides will be available. Try the simulator flights. Food and drink available. Adults $5, Family 10, free parking.
    To get an idea what to expect, browse through our Photos section. There are also several videos on YouTube. Search for "Aviation Day Vero Beach".
    Mark your calendars, plan to volunteer and to attend.

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